domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Um resgate com final feliz

Direto do

A tiny kitty’s cries alarmed Kalysta and her brother from outside their home. He was only a few days old. They brought him into their house and the rest is history.
Kalysta wrote on her tumblr: “Me and my brother found this kitten out behind our house crying at 2 am, i couldn’t leave him there alone and cold so i took him in and put him next to some warmed up pop bottles full of water.. At that point, i didn’t know what to do with him or if he was even going to live.. BUT, we’ve come a long ways.. I started bottle feeding him every 2 hours, day and night, i’d also have to help him go to the bathroom because he couldn’t go on his own. I even brought him to school with me everyday (I go to an alternative school, so i was allowed to). I did this for months, until he could finally eat wet cat food and go to the bathroom on his own… I love this baby so much and i know he loves me too. I don’t know what i’d do without him. The pictures just show how much he has grown and changed.”
Finally safe and warm
cute rescue kitten day one
He opened his eyes and got bigger and fuzzier
cute rescue kitten getting back to health
cute rescue kitten getting back to health
Nom nom nom!
cute rescue kitten bottle feeding
Beautiful little furball today!
cute rescue kitten today
Photos by Kalysta via tumblr.

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