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"O GRITO DO BICHO": Baleias presas pelo gelo na Baia de Hudson se libe...

"O GRITO DO BICHO": Baleias presas pelo gelo na Baia de Hudson se libe...: Em nossa postagem de ontem sobre o caso das baleias presas, comentei que tinha visto um filme, baseado em fatos reais, sobre 3 baleias q...

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17 anos de amizade: Sylvie the Cat & Her Human

17 Years of Friendship: Sylvie the Cat & Her Human

They grew up together and share a friendship for 17 years.
“Same cat, same place, 17 years later. Me and my cat Sylvie,” said reddit user bananawhisper.
Sylvie the cat and her human
Photos by redditor bananawhisper. More stories of kitties growing up with her humans.

Story of Rescue Kitten Nikita

Story of Rescue Kitten Nikita

She is a little survivor who was left by the cat mama, but found by a couple who took her in and became her new parents.
They named her Nikita.
Watch her in action:

Dot Special Cat with Spina Bifida Inspires Many with Her Story

Dot Special Cat with Spina Bifida Inspires Many with Her Story

A tiny tabby named Dot came to this world in a garage in Virginia. She may not move like other kitties and has a few things that require special care, but nothing stops this little wonder girl from being happy, loving and living her life to the fullest. Just like Scooter the cat, Dot has inspired many with her story.
Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, New Jersey tells Dot’s story. “Dot was immediately blessed with angels. From her first rescuers to a devoted foster mama and several hundred Facebook friends, Dot hasn’t known a moment without being loved. Dot’s biggest adventure began at the dawn of 2012. Just days after we learned of Dot’s situation, our two resident paralyzed cats, Tashi and Gabriella, were adopted together. This pair seemed to be passing the torch to the Virginia tabby. And, so, we were thrilled to welcome Dot to Tabby’s Place.”
“Dot was born with a bundle of unique traits: she has a “dot” where most cats have tails; she’s as sweet as maple syrup; she has a definite preference for the color blue; and she has a rare condition called spina bifida,” Tabby’s Place wrote.
Dot is always happy and doesn’t think she has any problems. “Skittering along with her front legs, Dot blissfully hunts her favorite fuzzy blue toy. Cuddling in your arms, her happy eyes tell you she’s in heaven. Even during medical poking and prodding, Dot has a purr that would put the loudest lioness to shame. Dot has no sense of being different, and she’s not about to let anything hold her back.”
In order to help Dot rehabilitate, Tabby’s Place has been giving her routine physical therapy to help her regain muscle strength in her hind legs. “At four months of age (as of January 2012), Dot is an extremely tiny two pounds. We’ll be starting a physical therapy routine with our brave kitten right away. Starting with exercises to flex and extend her hind legs, this therapy will help to build up muscle tone, and give her a better chance of being able to use those legs to some extent.” Water therapy has also been introduced to Dot. “Of course, after each physical therapy session, we love to snuggle Dot in a baby-blue blanket and give her all the kisses she craves.”
To help Dot move around, the cat sanctuary ordered a customized mobility cart. It was a gift that Dot immediately fell in love. Seeing how happy Dot is moving freely across the room brings so much joy to all the volunteers and it makes all the hard work absolutely worth it.
Dot was born with spina bifida.
She lives happily at a cat sanctuary, Tabby’s Place
Dot’s on her mobility cart
Dot loving her new cart:
Photos courtesy of Tabby’s Place. Follow Dot’s updates on Facebook. You can become Dot’s sponsor and help this wonder-baby to grow up healthy, happy, loved and strong. See Tabby’s Place to become a sponsor.

Stray Cat Guides Blind Dog: Best Friends

Stray Cat Guides Blind Dog: Best Friends

A stray cat named Pwditat became a guide cat for a blind dog Terfel. Judy Godfrey-Brown adopted the cat into her home one day and the next thing she discovered blew her mind.
“The puss… walked up to Terfel and led him out of his basket and into the garden. She has been helping him find his way around ever since,” reported the Sun.
“… Pwditat immediately seemed to know that Terfel is blind. She uses her paws to help guide him. They are glued to each other and even sleep together now,” said Judy.
Watch video:
Source: The Sun. Photos by Wales News Service via Lifewithcats.

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