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CUTE ALERT! - Rescue Feral Ginger Kittens Get New Surrogate Mom

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A group of kittens were rescued from a farm whose life would otherwise been terminated to control population in the area. Fran Wylie, an animal rescuer from Canada, has gone on a quest in trapping as many feral and stray kitties as possible, hoping to give them the second chance they deserve. These tiny little gingers were scared after relocation to a new place until they were greeted by Alice, a rescue cat herself who took to them like her own.
“Alice is a stray I rescued from my dad’s workplace a couple of months ago. She had a kitten that was rescued before we (my dad and I) rescued her. Her kitten was adopted out quite some time ago, but Alice is very timid plus she has food allergies so I haven’t tried to adopt her out yet,” said Fran W. While having Alice around the house, they have discovered that she has a soft heart for the little rescue kittens they bring home, showing much nurturing and love to the timid little ones.
“She seems to adore the kittens. I let them out for about an hour this morning and she spent the entire time playing with them and trying to entice them to follow her. As you can see, their tails are usually high up in the air when she’s around, a sign of confidence and friendliness,” Alice wrote on her flickr.
“They are so cute and every time they see each other the interactions get more and more personal…. It touches my heart every time I see Alice with ‘her’ kittens. She is so devoted to them, she might as well have given birth to them herself. They suckle for minutes and minutes on end. And Alice patiently lets them, all the while cleaning and cleaning…. I’m sure she thinks they are hers.” Fran added.
 Tiny feral kittens, scared after rescue
rescue ginger feral kittens scared
Then, they are greeted by Alice
rescue feral kittens meet alice the cat
She becomes their surrogate mom
rescue feral kittens meet alice the cat
“I protect you!”
rescue feral kitten cuddles with alice the cat
She cleans them and lets them nurse on her.
rescue feral kitten cuddles with alice the cat
rescue feral kitten cuddles with alice the cat
“I teach you to walk.”
alice the cat teaches ginger kitten to walk
Alice just loves those kittens – she thinks they are hers.
cute alice the cat mothering ginger rescue kittens
cute alice the cat mothering rescue ginger kittens
Photos courtesy of ©Fran Wylie (flickr: Cats 73).

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